• Image of *PREORDER* The Cosmic Woman Tarot
  • Image of *PREORDER* The Cosmic Woman Tarot
  • Image of *PREORDER* The Cosmic Woman Tarot

PLEASE NOTE: this is a PREORDER! I will receive the decks on the 23th of November, I will then do my best to send off all preorders during the days after.

The Cosmic Woman Tarot comes in a second edition! All drawings and designs are the same as in the first edition, BUT it comes in a sturdy 2-piece box! The cards now have linen finish too! Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the new box yet - the box on the picture is the box from the first edition, but as said, the design will be the same. Preorder price is 35€, the normal price will be 40€ when preorder ends.

The Cosmic Woman tarot is about reuniting with the goddess within and nature, aligning the mind with the universe, and delving into the depths of dream and imagination.

Complete 78-Card deck - includes Major and Minor Arcana
Full-colour, full-bleed on 350 gsm card stock with rounded corners

Comes with a fold-out mini guide!

If you have any doubts about the preorder, feel free to send me a message to lisajunius@gmail.com . This preorder is mostly to help me cover the high production costs I had to pay in advance and to give everyone the opportunity to order the deck as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your trust and support! :)